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Busadda.com is the flagship brand of Green sky services pvt ltd setup and founded by a team of dedicated and honest entrepreneur on 20 Dec 2019.

In order to increase the serviceability of the bus industry, Green sky team built a platform that streamlined the complete supply chain process of the bus industry and connected all the stakeholders on a real time basis.

Today the need for effective communication is stronger than ever before-You need to comfort people by making them hazzle free online booking and easy cancellation process.

At Bus adda, we are pleased to provide travelers easier journey with satisfaction. Bus Booking services at affordable prices to underserved communities across the country has added a golden feather in our cap.

Our online portal and user-friendly mobile app know how to make your journey accurately and timely.

We are delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction that is in line with our philosophy – Affordability, Accessibility & Comfortability.

If you have been through bad times with bus travel and hate horrible bus journeys, unnecessary running around, sudden bus or seat cancellations, then look no further for a solution to all these usual bus ticketing problems.

We are achieving a great level of outreach in the field of travelling via online bus booking.









Our Excellence

Bus adda.com is not just a regular online travel agency.

Bus Adda Is planning to Expand his Services to All routes across India with the mission of providing specialized tertiary Online Bus Booking services at affordable prices to underserved communities across the country. This Company “Bus-Adda” Online Travelling Service provider stands apart from others in its vision of making Travelling for all a reality for ordinary people in rural and remote regions. Every single individual working in a Bus adda from Dedicated Team and the management- is united in the endeavor to deliver top quality Services to all.

Bus adda vision is to expand its service thought out the country and abroad. We ensure to make our customer delighted by serving them dedicatedly