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As we all know Bihar is a state in eastern India, bordering Nepal. Many people across the country India visit the place Bihar every year in vacations or even like that for work purpose or for enjoyingpoint of view in Bihar, it is a really religious place for all the Buddhist people. Gautam Buddha gained enlighten under the tree in Bodhgaya. If you want to travel Bihar or if you want to travel from Bihar to any other part of the country, then you can do it by booking the bus ticket which is online. Now, and booking the bus ticket online has its own advantages. The ticket of Bus can be booked according to your comfort by sitting at your place in your homes. Once you are completed with booking your tickets online then the Agencies from where you are booking your online bus tickets make sure that you enjoy your journey a lot and with full safety.

How to take a bus from Bihar or to Bihar

Bihar is 1 of crowded states of India and therefore you can board many buses from the place to other parts or cities of the country and vice versa. All That required is the bus at the app which is an online bus ticket booking app which makes your work really easy and comforting. Now, Bus Adda app was established in 2019 and have plans to expand their services nationwide so that they can improve the online bus ticket booking services and helps people to prevent themselves standing in queues for long hours to get their tickets booked. Using Bus Adda app, you can book tickets online by just simply Sitting at your place. You can book online bus tickets for ordinary buses, Shatabdi buses, generate buses, Scania buses, AC sleeper buses. Booking online bus tickets using Bus Adda app is and hassle-free way of booking your bus tickets. Bus Adda app make sures about the safety and comfort of its passengers or travelers. They even make sure that the bus is on time and that there is no problem faced by the customers or travelers currently travelling in that particular bus.

Places to visit in Bihar

1. Gaya

2. Nalanda

3. Munger

4. Vaishali

5. Navlakha Palace of Rajnagar

6. Rajgir world peace

7. Pagoda

8. Madhubani

9. Jal mandir

10. Pawapuri

11. Vulture peak

12. Sher Shah Suri Tomb

13. Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary

14. Kesaria Stupa

15. Barabra Caves

16. Thai Monastery

Popular Routes for Bihar state road

Patna (Bihar) to Forbesganj bus

Purnea to Patna (Bihar) bus

Patna (Bihar) to Purnea bus

Katihar to Patna (Bihar) bus

Purnea to Muzaffarpur (Bihar) bus

Purnea to Darbhanga bus

Patna (Bihar) to Ranchi

Patna (Bihar) to Calcutta

Patna (Bihar) to Hazaribagh

Features of the BusAdda app

1. BusAdda provides you with genuine route details and other related information.

2. One can check the bus availability with just one click.

3. Through this app one can chose the preferred boarding location.

4. One can cancel his/her booking anytime.

5. BusAdda provides many offers and one can even get coupons.

6. It even maintains your past travel history with all other attributes like time, date.

7. When the journey is over, it asks for feedback so that it can improve its services if needed from the user perspective.

8. It also has refer and earn that is if one refers his/her friend or family to use this online bus ticket booking app Bus add then he/she will be rewarded for it.

9. Contact support is there to solve any travel related query.

10. It even maintains your past travel history with all other attributes like time, date.

One can even book Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) bus tickets through this app BusAdda by selecting state RTC buses across the country.

BusAdda is available for iOS, android and even in website for computer systems.

Why BusAdda?

We all know about the Covid 19 pandemic from the past two years BusAdda makes shores to follow all the Covid 19 guidelines issued by the Ministry of health. It makes sure that proper sanitization of buses takes place. BusAdda app also provides superior customer service that is they provide with both the calling and the chat option to help resolve your problems regarding the online bus ticket booking. It also makes sure that your payments or transactions takes place in safe and secured way so that no fraud can take place. The bus at the app ensures that customers reach on time to the respective destinations and also enables the users to book the bus ticket from and iOS or mobile or computer system. It offers 24×7 customer support service to resolve all the queries of its customers.

How to Book Bus Ticket Online Using BusAdda app

1. Open Play Store.

2. Search for BusAdda app.

3. Download the BusAdda app.

4. One has to enter his/her login details.

5. A screen will appear Infront of the user in which source that means from where one wants to go and till where that is the destination will be asked.

6. Bus date will be asked.

7. Many buses will appear after above steps

8. Then after all this the user will be asked to choose the bus

9. After the bus is chosen, seats will be asked

10. After the seats are chosen, pickup and drop location will be asked

11. Then details will be entered by the user and then payment window will appear

12. After the payment is made, ticket will be booked

13. Then the tickets will be shown in the booking section

14. Enjoy your journey

Major boarding points in Patna (Bihar)

90 Feet Road, Bypass.

Danapur Railway Station.

Gandhi Maidan.

Mithapur Bus Stand.

Meera Bus Stand.

Kautilya Vihar Hotel.

Major dropping points in Patna (Bihar)



Bypass highway


Gandhi Maidan

Types of Bus Services provided by BusAdda app are:

1. Ordinary bus: a bus that ensures comfort at ordinary prices.

2. Janrath buses: this AC bus is well known for its ease and comfort.

3. AC sleeper buses: 28 seats and 15 birth are present in this comfortable bus.

4. Scannia buses: it is one of the most comfortable buses.

5. Volvo buses: these provide quick and memorable journey experience with very limited stoppages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are the advantages of purchasing a bus Ticket with BusAdda app?

Bus Adda app is India’s best online Bus booking app and therefore you will find many options for booking your seats. You can choose your seat. You can book your bus ticket online by phone. You can choose from buses waste on boarding points, timing and bus type.

Do I need to register myself on the BusAdda app?

Yes, BusAdda asks its users to register on the app so that proper information and ticket can be send to respective travelers.

Does online bus booking costs more than traditional booking?

No, online bus booking is not at all costlier than traditional booking infact its more affordable than traditional booking as BusAdda offers discounts.

What payment options do I have in BusAdda?

Types of payment we get in BusAdda app are:
• Credit cards
• Debit cards
• Internet banking

How do I book ticket on

One should book his/her ticket two hours before the scheduled departure time. Once you are done with booking your ticket you will then receive an email confirmation which can be even used as boarding pass for many bus partners.

I did not receive my ticket, can I receive it again?

Yes, all you need to do is contact our customer support staff who will send you your ticket with all the necessary details.

Can I cancel my ticket?

Yes, you can surely cancel your ticket and avail for refund.

Can we book the tickets using phones?

Yes, you can surely book tickets using phones.

If I have additional questions to ask, where should I ask?

If you have any additional query or question to ask, or comments please mail us at

You can even follow us on Instagram, Facebook, twitter
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With Bus Adda, booking bus tickets online has never been easier. From the convenience of our user-friendly platform to the extensive coverage across India, we are dedicated to making your travel experience smooth and hassle-free. So why wait? Download the Bus Adda app or visit our website today and embark on your next adventure with confidence.

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